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Band-Aid trademark for a small strip of adhesive tape that holds a gauze pad for covering minor wounds. [1/3 definitions]
compress a soft pad of gauze or cloth, used to supply moisture, heat, or medication to relieve pain or treat infection. [1/4 definitions]
flock2 to decorate or pad with powdered wool or felt. [1/5 definitions]
heating pad a pad containing insulated electric heating elements in a soft fabric covering, used to apply heat, as to a sore muscle.
kneepad a protective pad worn on the knee, esp. by athletes such as basketball or volleyball players, cyclists, and the like.
legal pad a pad of yellow or white ruled paper measuring eight and one-half by fourteen inches.
mat1 a pad that is placed on the floor to protect athletes such as gymnasts or wrestlers. [1/7 definitions]
mattress a large rectangular pad consisting of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as fiber, hair, straw, or foam rubber, and used as a cushion to sleep on. [2 definitions]
napkin a pad used to absorb menstrual flow; sanitary napkin. [1/4 definitions]
notepad a pad of writing paper.
overstuff to pad (furniture) thickly with upholstery. [1/2 definitions]
patch a small pad or other covering used to protect an injury, as to an eye. [1/10 definitions]
potholder a pad or mitten of thick material used to handle cooking utensils when they are too hot to touch with bare hands.
powder puff a soft ball or pad of cotton or the like, used for applying powder to the skin.
puff a small, soft cosmetic pad. [1/16 definitions]
sanitary napkin a thick absorbent pad worn externally to absorb menstrual flow.
sketchbook a book or pad of drawing paper for making sketches. [1/2 definitions]
sketchpad a pad or book of blank pages of paper for drawing.
steel wool a ball or pad made of fine threadlike steel shavings, that is used for cleaning and polishing.
tablet a pad consisting of sheets of paper bound together at one edge. [1/4 definitions]
thumbprint an impression or print made by the pad of the thumb.