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abstract expressionism (sometimes cap.) a school of painting that arose after World War II and that was marked by expressive but nonrepresentational images formed by an apparently random and often unconventional application of paint.
acrylic a synthetic fiber, resin, or paint made from acrylic acid or its derivatives. [1/2 definitions]
aerosol a liquid substance, such as an insecticide, disinfectant, deodorant, or paint, sealed in a container under pressure and dispensed as a fine spray. [1/2 definitions]
agitator a machine, or part of a machine, that automatically shakes or stirs things together, as in a can of paint or a washing machine. [1/2 definitions]
airbrush an atomizer used to apply liquid, usu. paint, in a fine spray.
banana oil a clear synthetic liquid with a bananalike odor, used as a flavoring or paint solvent, and in the making of lacquers; amyl acetate.
bedaub to cover with daubs or smears, as of paint or mud.
blaze2 a spot or mark on a tree, often made with paint, that usu. indicates a trail. [1/4 definitions]
blister any such raised bubble in a coating, such as paint. [1/5 definitions]
brushwork the particular, unique way in which an artist applies paint with a brush. [1/2 definitions]
butadiene a flammable gas used in producing paint and synthetic rubber.
camouflage the material, such as paint, fabric, or foliage, used to conceal something by this method. [1/5 definitions]
casein an emulsion containing this protein, used to make paint and adhesives. [1/2 definitions]
chalk of paint, to become so weathered that a powder is formed. [1/6 definitions]
color that which is used to impart color, such as dye or paint. [1/12 definitions]
daub to paint with thick, crude strokes. [2/7 definitions]
drier1 a drying agent, as in paint, ink, varnish, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
ebonize to blacken, usu. with a stain or paint, so as to cause to resemble ebony.
enamel paint, polish, or varnish that produces a bright, glossy surface. [1/5 definitions]
encaustic of or concerning a type of paint in which pigment is blended with beeswax, which fuses the pigment to a surface upon heating. [2 definitions]
finger painting the application of paint with the fingers, hands, or forearms, rather than with a brush, to create a picture or design. [1/2 definitions]