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bloodsucker an animal that sucks blood from others, esp. a leech; parasite. [1/2 definitions]
hemiparasite a parasite that obtains some of its sustenance, or sustains itself some of the time, on its own.
hemoflagellate a flagellate protozoan that is a parasite in the blood.
host1 a living organism from which a parasite sustains itself. [1/5 definitions]
infest to be a parasite in. [1/2 definitions]
parasitic of, concerning, or caused by a parasite.
parasitism the method of existence or survival of a parasite. [2 definitions]
parasitize to live as a parasite on.
roundworm a worm with a long, cylindrical, unsegmented body that is a parasite in mammal intestines.
saprozoic of or designating a saprophyte, esp. an internal parasite such as a tapeworm. [1/2 definitions]
sponger (informal) one who needlessly depends on or borrows from others for food, lodging, money, or the like; parasite; sponge. [1/2 definitions]
toxoplasmosis infection with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, often occurring after eating undercooked meat or touching the feces of an infected cat, that usu. causes mild symptoms in adults but may cause severe complications in an unborn child.