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adit an entrance or means of access, esp. a more or less horizontal passageway that leads into a mine.
aisle any passageway, as between sections of seats in a theater or sections of shelves in a store. [1/2 definitions]
arcade any similar passageway, covered and lined with small shops or amusement galleries. [1/3 definitions]
archway the passageway under an arch. [2 definitions]
areaway a narrow passageway between buildings. [1/2 definitions]
blind alley an alley or passageway with one end closed off; cul-de-sac. [1/2 definitions]
bottleneck any narrow entrance or passageway. [1/4 definitions]
breezeway a passageway with a roof and no sides that connects two buildings.
corridor a hall or passageway between two rows of rooms or compartments. [2/3 definitions]
entry a passageway between an outside door and a room; hallway. [1/7 definitions]
gallery an underground passageway, as in a mining system. [1/7 definitions]
gangway a path into, out of, around, or through something; passageway. [1/4 definitions]
gateway an opening or passageway that may be closed by means of a gate. [1/2 definitions]
hall a narrow passageway in a building; corridor. [1/3 definitions]
hatchway the passageway from such an opening to an interior floor or compartment, usu. fitted with stairs or a ladder. [1/2 definitions]
lane a raised wooden passageway, bounded by gutters, along which a bowling ball is pitched; alley. [1/7 definitions]
narrow the narrow part of an object or passageway. [1/10 definitions]
nose the structure at the front of the face in people and certain animals that contains nostrils, organs of smell, and a passageway for breathing. [1/9 definitions]
tunnel an underground or underwater passageway, as for a railroad through a mountain or for a road under a river or city. [2/6 definitions]
valve any device for controlling the flow of a fluid or gas, esp. a movable part that can close or constrict a passageway, such as a stopcock. [2/5 definitions]
vestibule a small hall or passageway at the entrance to a building; foyer. [2/3 definitions]