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burning marked by strong emotion; passionate. [1/4 definitions]
Byronic of, concerning, or resembling Byron or his works, esp. by being melodramatic, passionate, melancholy, or ironic.
fury violent, passionate, or unrestrained anger; rage; frenzy. [1/4 definitions]
Grail (often l.c.) a goal or object of sustained and passionate effort. [1/2 definitions]
heated passionate or angry; excited. [1/2 definitions]
hot (informal) sexually passionate or aroused. [1/11 definitions]
impassioned full of strong emotion; passionate.
love tender and passionate affection for another person. [2/10 definitions]
romantic inclined to idealize and be sentimental or passionate about those for whom one feels affection or admiration. [1/8 definitions]
warm-blooded having a vital or passionate nature. [1/2 definitions]