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account an arrangement with a store or other business that allows a customer to pay for goods or services on credit instead of using cash at the time of sale. [1/15 definitions]
agency shop an agreement, between an owner or manager and a union that requires employees who do not want to join the union to pay a fee. [1/2 definitions]
agitator one who incites unrest or controversy, esp. one who does so for pay or to further a political cause. [1/2 definitions]
amortize to pay off (a debt) by installments over a defined period of time. [1/2 definitions]
assassinate to murder for pay or for ideological reasons. [1/2 definitions]
attend to listen to or pay attention to. [2/8 definitions]
bankrupt impoverished or unable to pay debts. [1/6 definitions]
bill of exchange a written order to pay a specified amount to a specified person, used mainly in conducting business abroad.
blackmail to force or attempt to force (someone) to pay money or perform some action under the threat of having damaging information revealed. [1/3 definitions]
board to provide with meals, esp. for pay. [2/9 definitions]
bonded subject to a binding promise to pay, as monetary debt. [1/3 definitions]
bond servant one who is bound to service without pay. [1/2 definitions]
brain drain (informal) the loss of professional or intellectual persons from one country or company to another that offers better pay, opportunities, or advantages.
charge to require (someone) to pay money as a price for something. [1/22 definitions]
check written instructions, usu. on a printed form, to a bank to pay money from an account. [1/19 definitions]
checkbook a booklet of blank forms that can be used to pay out money from a bank account.
checkout the time by which a guest at a hotel must vacate his or her room and pay the bill. [1/4 definitions]
check out to pay for something in a store where there are a number of different lines to wait in in order to pay. [2/3 definitions]
compensate to pay or repay; recompense. . [1/4 definitions]
compound1 to calculate or pay (interest) on accrued interest as well as on principal. [1/12 definitions]
credit the right to buy at the present time and pay later, or one's reputation for paying one's debts. [1/12 definitions]