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amity friendly and peaceful relations; good will.
coexistence the act or condition of coexisting, esp. in a peaceful manner despite differences in values, customs, political systems, and the like.
halcyon tranquil; peaceful; calm. [1/4 definitions]
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside. [1/2 definitions]
irenic tending to promote peace; peaceful; conciliatory.
pacific mild, pleasant, and undisturbed; peaceful. [1/3 definitions]
peacebuilding actions that promote peace between nations by supporting conditions that underlie peaceful social relations. Peacebuilding includes rebuilding the material and social institutions that are undermined or destroyed by violent conflict. Peacebuilding efforts offer non-violent alternatives for communication and conflict resolution.
repose1 to be calm and composed; be peaceful. [1/7 definitions]
restful peaceful and quiet. [1/2 definitions]
serenity the condition or quality of being untroubled, peaceful, or tranquil.
tranquil free from turmoil, disruption, noise, or agitation; calm, steady, or peaceful.
tranquillity the condition or quality of being peaceful, untroubled, or calm; serenity.