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annual a periodical published once each year; yearbook. [1/4 definitions]
back number any previous issue of a periodical.
biweekly a periodical published once every two weeks. [1/3 definitions]
circulation the number of copies of a newspaper, periodical, or the like that is distributed to readers at a given time, or the distribution itself. [1/4 definitions]
journal a newspaper or other periodical publication. [1/4 definitions]
magazine a periodical containing advertisements, photographs, and articles on various topics. [1/3 definitions]
nameplate the line of type across the front page of a newspaper or periodical that contains the name of the publication; masthead. [1/2 definitions]
newsroom the news department staff of a radio, newspaper, television, or periodical. [1/3 definitions]
notice a critique or review in a periodical publication. [1/7 definitions]
pictorial a periodical containing illustrations as a main feature. [1/4 definitions]
seasonal of, characteristic of, or dependent on the seasons or a season of the year; periodical.
trade journal a periodical written for and distributed, sometimes free of charge, to members of a particular industry or profession.
triweekly a triweekly publication or periodical. [1/5 definitions]