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Ate in Greek mythology, a personification of humans' wicked folly or blind ambition, that is punished by Nemesis.
Belial in the Bible, a personification of evil.
death (cap.) the personification of death, usu. in the form of a skeleton wearing a long, black, hooded cape and carrying a scythe. [1/5 definitions]
Jack Frost the personification of frost or cold weather.
John Barleycorn the personification of any intoxicating liquor.
John Bull a typical Englishman or a personification of the English government or people, after the main character in the eighteenth-century allegory History of John Bull by John Arbuthnot.
Mother Nature a personification of the force or principle that seems to regulate the physical universe.
sun god a personification of the sun, worshiped as a god. [1/2 definitions]
Thanatos in Greek mythology, a personification of death. [1/2 definitions]
Uncle Sam a personification of the government or people of the United States as a tall thin man with a beard, wearing a top hat and red-and-white-striped trousers. [1/2 definitions]