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dopant a substance, such as phosphorus, that is added in small amounts to laser crystals and semiconductors to change their properties.
lecithin any of a group of fatty substances containing phosphorus that are found in all animal and plant tissues and in egg yolk. [1/2 definitions]
P2 symbol of the chemical element phosphorus.
phosphide a chemical compound made of trivalent phosphorus and a radical or another element.
phosphorate to impregnate or combine with phosphorus. [1/2 definitions]
phosphoreted impregnated or combined with phosphorus.
phosphoric of, containing, or pertaining to phosphorus, esp. pentavalent phosphorus.
phosphoric acid any of several oxygen acids of phosphorus that are used in fertilizers, detergents, pharmaceuticals, and food flavorings.
phosphorous of, like, containing, or pertaining to phosphorus, esp. trivalent phosphorus.