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aspirin a tablet or pill made of this drug. [1/2 definitions]
bolus a large pill or ball of medicine, used primarily for large animals. [1/2 definitions]
extended-release of or pertaining to a pill, tablet, capsule, or device that released drug slowly over an extended period of time.
lude (slang) a methaqualone pill.
multivitamin a compound or combination of several vitamins in a single pill, tablet, or dose. [1/2 definitions]
PCP a powerful and dangerous drug originally intended as an animal tranquilizer but sometimes ingested by humans for its psychedelic and mood-altering effects; phenylcyclohexylpiperidine, or phencyclidine pill.
pep pill (informal) a pill, tablet, or capsule containing a stimulant such as amphetamine.
pill (informal) an oral drug for women designed to prevent pregnancy; birth control pill (prec. by "the"). [3/6 definitions]
pill bug any of various small land isopods that are able to curl their segmented bodies into a pill-like ball.
pop1 (slang) to ingest (a pill, drug, drink, or the like). [1/17 definitions]
sleeping pill a pill or tablet containing a drug that induces sleep.