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accessory a nonessential component used for beauty, added pleasure, or convenience. [1/4 definitions]
ad libitum at one's pleasure (used as a musical direction to indicate that a section so marked may be varied, improvised upon, or omitted, as the performer wishes, or as a stage direction to indicate that the performer may improvise).
admire to observe with pleasure, wonder, and approval. [1/2 definitions]
antipleasure combined form of pleasure.
at will at one's discretion, wish, or pleasure.
bang (informal) a keen pleasure or enjoyment. [1/11 definitions]
beguile to give pleasure by charming. [1/3 definitions]
bittersweet sweetness mixed with or followed by bitterness, or pleasure mingled with pain. [1/5 definitions]
blessed bringing pleasure; joyous. [1/4 definitions]
boating an act, instance, or process of using a boat for pleasure, as in rowing, canoeing, or sailing. [1/2 definitions]
boot (informal) a great pleasure. [1/10 definitions]
congratulate to praise, acknowledge, and express one's pleasure at the achievement or good fortune of (a person or group).
conversationalist a person who takes pleasure in and is skilled at making conversation.
cruise to travel, esp. in a ship, for pleasure, the destination being of secondary concern. [2/6 definitions]
delectation enjoyment; delight; pleasure.
delight considerable pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment. [5 definitions]
dissipate to waste one's health, money, talent, or the like in the extravagant pursuit of pleasure. [1/4 definitions]
dissipated engaging in, or marked by the bad effects of, overindulgence in pleasure. [1/2 definitions]
dissipation wasteful using or spending, esp. in the dissolute pursuit of pleasure. [1/2 definitions]
ecstasy an emotional state of intense pleasure or joy. [1/2 definitions]
enjoy to find pleasure or joy in. [2/3 definitions]