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acrylic resin any of a group of transparent synthetic resins that become pliable or set when heated and are used in acrylic fibers, plastics, and synthetic rubbers.
amenable willing to respond, agree, or submit; agreeable; pliable. [1/3 definitions]
dummy (chiefly British) a pliable device for an infant to suck on, esp. in the shape of a nipple; pacifier. [1/8 definitions]
elk a light, pliable leather made from the hide of horses, cows, or calves, and tanned and treated to resemble elk hide. [1/3 definitions]
flexible easily bent or able to bend without breaking; pliable. [1/3 definitions]
pacifier a pliable device for an infant to suck on, esp. in the shape of a nipple. [1/2 definitions]
papier-mâché a moldable substance, often used for decorations, that is made of pulped or shredded paper, glue, and other materials, and that is soft and pliable when wet but dries to become hard and stiff.
plastic able to be easily shaped or molded; pliable. [1/5 definitions]
pliant easily influenced; pliable. [1/2 definitions]
putty any of several semisolid, pliable substances used for sealing joints, securing window panes, filling small holes, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
rattan a climbing palm plant with long, tough, pliable stems. [1/2 definitions]
skin the thin, pliable tissue covering the animal or human body. [2/8 definitions]
soft easily yielding to pressure ; not firm or hard ; pliable. [1/12 definitions]
strop a pliable strip, usu. of leather, on which a razor is sharpened. [1/2 definitions]
thermoplastic softening and becoming pliable when heated, but returning to its original state and properties when cooled, as certain plastics and resins. [1/2 definitions]
wax1 a solid yellowish substance that is pliable when melted and is secreted by bees for constructing their honeycombs; beeswax. [1/5 definitions]
white cedar an evergreen tree of the cypress family growing in swampy areas of the eastern United States, having soft, pliable, light-colored wood. [1/3 definitions]
withe a strong pliable twig or stem, esp. of a willow, used as a binding.
withy composed or characteristic of withes; strong; pliable. [1/3 definitions]