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acuminate tapering to a sharp point, as a leaf or claw; pointed. [2 definitions]
acute sharp or pointed at the end. [1/7 definitions]
akimbo with hand on hip and elbow pointed away from the body. [1/2 definitions]
almond having the shape of an almond seed; oval with one pointed end. [1/6 definitions]
alpenstock a long pointed iron-tipped staff used for mountain climbing.
arrow a slender pointed or tipped shaft that is shot from a bow. [1/3 definitions]
awl a small, sharply pointed tool used to make holes in leather, wood, or the like.
beak any structure pointed or shaped like a beak. [1/3 definitions]
bicuspid having two cusps or pointed ends, as certain teeth. [1/2 definitions]
bit1 the pointed tool that is fastened into a drill head for boring or drilling. [1/5 definitions]
Bouvier des Flandres any of a breed of large dog that has a rough coat and pointed ears and was originally used in Belgium for herding cattle.
bowie knife a hunting knife about fifteen inches long that has a single-edged, pointed blade and a crosspiece and is usu. sheathed.
bullet a cylindrical, usu. pointed metal projectile that is shot from a firearm. [1/2 definitions]
burin a pointed tool with a round handle, used for engraving metal or carving stone.
canine of or pertaining to the pointed teeth between the incisors and molars. [2/4 definitions]
canoe a narrow, open boat with curved sides and pointed ends, usu. propelled by paddle. [1/3 definitions]
center punch a pointed tool used in metalworking to mark and indent the place where metal is to be drilled.
Chinese checkers a board game for two to six players in which marbles are moved across a pattern of holes that resembles a six-pointed star.
cocked hat a man's hat with a wide brim turned up in two or three flaps toward a pointed crown.
collie one of a breed of large dogs originating in Scotland as sheep dogs and having long pointed muzzles and long-haired coats.
crocodile any of various large reptiles found in tropical swamps, with a thick, tough skin, a long tail, and a pointed snout. [1/2 definitions]