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air quality the degree that the air in a particular environment contains pollution.
antipollution designed to decrease or stop pollution of the environment. [2 definitions]
coliform bacillus any of several bacilli normally found in human and animal colons, the count of which in water is used to determine the presence or extent of fecal pollution.
conservation the preservation of a resource, esp. a natural resource such as soil, water, or forests, from loss, pollution, or waste. [1/2 definitions]
fly ash fine, often airborne particles of ash derived from the burning of solid fuel and recognized as a factor in air pollution. [1/2 definitions]
green of a company or industry, producing energy-efficient or recyclable products and producing them in a way that conserves energy generated from fossil fuels while contributing little to environmental pollution. [3/17 definitions]
PCV abbreviation of "positive crankcase ventilation," the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders as part of a pollution control system.
PCV valve a one-way valve that regulates the flow of engine exhaust fumes into an auto engine's cylinders, as part of a pollution control system.
Rankine-cycle engine a type of steam engine in which the water that is evaporated into steam is condensed and recycled, developed experimentally as a pollution-reducing alternative to the internal combustion engine.
sustainable development a process of social and economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, esp. with respect to natural resource depletion and environmental pollution.