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acquire to come to possess, esp. gradually over time. [1/2 definitions]
acquisitive having an eager desire to gain or possess, esp. material goods.
animism the belief that the universe and all of its material objects, beings, and phenomena possess a spirit or consciousness. [1/3 definitions]
be (in constructions linking a subject and predicate) to equal or to possess the characteristic or quality of. [1/10 definitions]
charlatan one who deceitfully claims to possess a particular skill or expertise; fraud; quack.
covet to envy or wish to possess (something belonging to another) inordinately or without right. [2/3 definitions]
-en1 to become or come to possess. [1/2 definitions]
fairy an imaginary tiny creature in human form, thought to possess supernatural powers that can change the course of human affairs. [1/3 definitions]
free will in philosophy, the theory that humans possess the ability to make choices guided by individual values and ideals rather than governed by external pressures or physical necessity. (Cf. determinism.) [1/2 definitions]
hag a woman believed to possess and use magical powers, esp. for evil; witch. [1/2 definitions]
have to possess; own. [2/15 definitions]
have got (informal) to have or have available; possess (used in present tense only).
lose to no longer possess; be unable to find; misplace. [1/10 definitions]
Magi members of a class of Zoroastrian priests of ancient Media and Persia who were believed to possess supernatural powers. [1/2 definitions]
monopoly possession of something to a degree surpassing what others possess or are able to acquire. [1/5 definitions]
ownership the legal right to possess a thing. [1/2 definitions]
permanent marker a pen or marker containing ink that may adhere to all surfaces, be water-resistant, contain durable dyes or pigments, or possess some combination of these attributes.
present1 in grammar, referring to the tense of a verb that describes action or existence at this time, such as "is," "possess," or "throws". [1/6 definitions]
remember to possess or use one's memory. [1/7 definitions]
sham one who pretends to have an identity, status, or qualities that he or she does not possess; impostor. [1/7 definitions]
smell to possess an odor produced by something else (usu. fol. by "of"). [1/12 definitions]