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athleticism an athletic quality or capacity, as involved in or required by a particular sport, feat, or the like, or as possessed by a person or animal.
collected in control; self-possessed; calm. [1/2 definitions]
desperate possessed of an overwhelming need or desire. [1/4 definitions]
lost not able to be found or no longer possessed. [1/6 definitions]
mutual felt, experienced, or possessed equally by each for the other or others, as among two or more persons. [2/4 definitions]
possessed confident of oneself; self-possessed. [1/2 definitions]
possession the act of possessing, or the condition of being possessed. [1/6 definitions]
python a prophesying demon or spirit, or a person who is possessed by such a demon or spirit. [1/3 definitions]
pythoness a priestess of Apollo at Delphi, believed to be possessed by an oracle. [1/2 definitions]