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accountable having a possibly acceptable explanation; explicable. [1/2 definitions]
black hole a hypothetical region or body in space, possibly the remnants of a collapsed star, with such a strong gravitational pull that neither light nor matter can escape.
crisis an unstable or uncertain situation that has potential to bring about dramatic, possibly destructive, changes. [1/2 definitions]
depression a mood characterized by deep sadness or low spirits that can last for just hours or possibly months. [1/7 definitions]
do the dishes to take care of dirty dishes by washing and possibly also drying.
fine print the part of a document, such as a contract or policy, that is set apart from the rest by smaller type, or is deliberately written to obscure some possibly disadvantageous aspect.
ignis fatuus a phosphorescent light that appears to hover over marshes at night, possibly arising from spontaneous combustion of marsh gases; will-o'-the-wisp. [1/2 definitions]
just possibly. [1/12 definitions]
lead up to in speech or writing, to hint at or subtly introduce some, possibly surprising, announcement or statement to come. [1/4 definitions]
maybe it may be that; possibly; perhaps.
mesothelioma a tumor of the mesothelium, often malignant and possibly caused by the breathing in of particles of asbestos.
might1 used to concede that something is true or is possibly true. [1/5 definitions]
paint to depict in words, though possibly not the truth or whole truth. [1/10 definitions]
perchance in literary use, maybe or possibly; perhaps.
perhaps maybe; possibly.
potentially possibly.
secondhand smoke tobacco or other type of smoke that comes from the cigarette or other smoking material of another person, possibly already inhaled and exhaled by that person.
unless except possibly. [1/3 definitions]