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cancellation the marks or perforations indicating invalidation for reuse, as on a postage stamp or admission ticket. [1/3 definitions]
frank1 the privilege of sending mail free of postage. [2/7 definitions]
imperforate unperforated, as some postage stamps. [2/3 definitions]
indicia graphic marks or designs on mail that indicate that postage has been paid. [1/2 definitions]
overprint anything printed over the face of a postage stamp which designates its use or character, or the stamp so altered. [1/3 definitions]
philately the study and collection of postage stamps and things related to them, such as postmarks; stamp collecting.
postage meter a machine that prints, on each piece of outgoing mail, the amount of postage paid and date shipped, and keeps a record of the number of pieces so processed.
postage stamp a small, usu. gummed label bearing a money denomination, and often a picture, that is issued and affixed to mail, indicating that payment of postage has been made.
postmark an official mark that cancels the postage stamp on a piece of mail and shows the date and place of mailing. [1/2 definitions]
postpaid with the postage already paid by the sender.
stamp to place a postage stamp upon. [2/15 definitions]