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chemist a person who dispenses medicines by prescription. [2/3 definitions]
cold tablet a non-prescription tablet usually containing an antihistamine and fever-reducing drug, taken to relieve the symptoms of a cold.
druggist one who is licensed to prepare and sell prescription drugs; pharmacist.
drugstore in the United States, a store that sells prescription drugs, as well as other items such as vitamins, hair care products, cosmetics, candy, and magazines.
ethical of drugs, not advertised, and sold only on a doctor's prescription. [1/3 definitions]
fill to prepare or make up (a prescription). [1/9 definitions]
opioid any natural or synthetic compound, including heroin, morphine, and certain prescription pain relievers, that binds opioid receptors and has an analgesic or narcotic effect. [1/2 definitions]
opioid epidemic a rapid increase in the use of prescription and non-prescription opioid drugs, beginning in the late 1990s and continuing into the early decades of the 2000s.
overprescription combined form of prescription.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [1/2 definitions]
patent medicine a medical preparation that is protected by a trademark and that may be purchased without a prescription.
prescribe to give or write a medical prescription. [1/4 definitions]
prescriptible of an illness or the like, capable of being cured by prescription. [1/2 definitions]
prescriptive derived from legal prescription or long use or custom. [1/2 definitions]
rime riche rhyme using two or more words or syllables that are pronounced alike and often spelled alike, but are different in meaning, such as "route" and "root" or "description" and "prescription".
Rx abbreviation of "recipe" (Latin); prescription, a directive written by a doctor for the preparation and use of a medicine to treat a designated patient.