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absence the state or condition of being away or not present. [1/3 definitions]
actual existing or happening at the present moment. [1/3 definitions]
advertise to present (a product or idea) in a favorable light to win public patronage, support, or approval. [1/4 definitions]
am first person present sing. of be.
ancestor in biology, an organism or species from which present life forms have evolved. [1/4 definitions]
are1 2nd person present sing. and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person pl. of be.
Armenia a region of southwestern Asia composed of present-day Armenia, eastern Turkey, and northwestern Iran. [1/2 definitions]
around so as to be the present time. [1/13 definitions]
attend to be present at. [2/8 definitions]
attendance the number of persons present. [1/2 definitions]
attendant one who is present. [1/4 definitions]
award to present in recognition of superior qualities or performance; give as a prize. [1/4 definitions]
away in another place; not present. [1/7 definitions]
background historical or social conditions or events leading up to, or being present during, a given situation or event. [2/5 definitions]
be used with the present participle of another verb to indicate continuing action. [2/10 definitions]
beg the question to assume as true a conclusion to an argument and then present that conclusion as proof.
behind one's back when one is not present; secretly.
bill1 to present an (invoice or statement of costs) to. [1/7 definitions]
birthmark a mark or mole on the skin present from birth.
bring out to produce and present (something) to the pubic. [1/5 definitions]
bystander someone who is present at an occurrence only by chance or does not take part in it.