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confident overly self-assured; presumptuous. [1/3 definitions]
familiar excessively intimate; presumptuous. [1/6 definitions]
familiarity impertinent or presumptuous intimacy, esp. a sexual advance. [1/3 definitions]
forward bold or presumptuous. [1/13 definitions]
free presumptuous; bold; forward. [1/20 definitions]
fresh (informal) rudely presumptuous; sassy. [1/11 definitions]
nervy (informal) rudely presumptuous; impertinent; brazen. [1/2 definitions]
preachy (informal) tending to preach or to moralize, esp. in a tiresome or presumptuous way; didactic.
upstart one who has gone from a humble beginning to a position of power, wealth, or importance, esp. one who is now presumptuous and excessively proud. [2/4 definitions]
whippersnapper an insignificant but annoyingly presumptuous person, esp. an impudent youth.