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aptitude test a test intended to measure the probable ability of an untrained person to perform well in a particular job or course of study.
in the cards destined to happen; likely; probable.
John according to the New Testament, one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, one of the four evangelists, and the probable author of the fourth Gospel, the Book of Revelation, and three Epistles. [1/5 definitions]
likelihood a probable thing to happen. [1/2 definitions]
likely probable; quite possible. [1/4 definitions]
ought used to indicate what is expected or probable based on logic (fol. by an infinitive with "to"). [1/4 definitions]
prob.1 abbreviation of "probable" or "probably."
probability the quality, condition, or fact of being probable. [2/3 definitions]
promise indication of a probable future condition or occurrence. [1/8 definitions]
prudence keen awareness of the probable consequences of one's actions. [1/3 definitions]
prudent aware of the probable consequences of one's actions. [1/3 definitions]
verisimilar appearing or seeming to be true or real; probable; likely.