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action a legal proceeding wherein one party demands its right or claims that wrong has been done by another party; a lawsuit. [1/8 definitions]
a posteriori proceeding from effect to cause or from observed particular instances to a generalization; inductive. (Cf. a priori.) [1/2 definitions]
a priori proceeding from cause to effect or from the general to the particular; deductive. [1/3 definitions]
bring in to involve (someone) in a discussion or proceeding. [1/5 definitions]
convict to find (a person) guilty of a crime or misdemeanor, esp. after a legal proceeding. [1/3 definitions]
cornerwise proceeding from one corner of a rectangle through the center to the opposite corner; diagonally. [1/3 definitions]
day in court the opportunity to be heard or to present one's case, as in a legal proceeding.
descendent proceeding in a downward direction; descending. [1/2 definitions]
direct proceeding on a straight course. [1/14 definitions]
discontinuance in law, the ending of a court proceeding before trial, usu. by a plaintiff. [1/2 definitions]
discursive proceeding by reason rather than intuition, as an argument or discourse. [1/2 definitions]
exhibit to submit as evidence in a legal proceeding. [2/8 definitions]
foreclosure the act, usu. by a legal proceeding, of foreclosing.
freestyle competition in which the participants are relatively free from the required moves, styles, or ways of proceeding that are usual for that sport or activity. [1/3 definitions]
inadmissible not allowed, as certain kinds of evidence in a legal proceeding.
inconclusive not proceeding to a conclusion or resolution. [1/2 definitions]
issue the outcome or result of a proceeding. [1/10 definitions]
one-way proceeding in or restricting motion to a single direction. [1/3 definitions]
onshore proceeding in the direction of a coast or shore. [1/3 definitions]
order usual or customary way of proceeding. [1/17 definitions]
perjury the intentional giving of false testimony under oath in a court or other official proceeding.