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accent relative prominence of a syllable within a particular word; stress. [3/8 definitions]
come back to return to success or prominence after a decline. [1/5 definitions]
coming-of-age arrival at maturity, prominence, or respectability.
crest a peak or prominence, as of a mountain or wave. [1/7 definitions]
endomorphic of, relating to, or designating a heavy body type characterized by relative prominence of the abdomen and fatty tissues. (Cf. ectomorphic, mesomorphic.) [1/2 definitions]
exhume to revive or restore to prominence, esp. after a period of obscurity. [1/2 definitions]
feature a magazine or newspaper article that is given special prominence. [1/9 definitions]
featured given prominence or special attention. [1/2 definitions]
highlight to give particular emphasis or prominence to, or to be the most prominent thing or part of. [1/6 definitions]
lion a person who is noted for strength and courage, or for social, professional, or political prominence. [1/3 definitions]
predominate to be the greater or greatest in importance, prominence, or amount. [1/3 definitions]
relief2 prominence or distinctness resulting from contrast. [1/2 definitions]
resurrection a return to use or prominence; revival. [1/4 definitions]
to the fore to a position of primacy or prominence.
tuberosity a knoblike prominence, esp. such a prominence at the end of a long bone.