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advertise to use public media to promote a product or idea. [1/4 definitions]
advertisement a notice or public announcement designed to gain public attention, esp. to promote the sale of certain products. [1/2 definitions]
advt. abbreviation of "advertisement," a notice or public announcement designed to gain public attention, esp. to promote the sale of certain products.
Arab League a confederation of nations sharing a common Arabic language and culture, formed in 1945 to promote economic, military, and political cooperation among its members, and now grown to a total of twenty-one.
blurb a short description written to promote or advertise a product, as on book jackets.
boost to promote enthusiastically. [1/6 definitions]
calisthenics exercises to promote strength and flexibility, done without special equipment. [1/2 definitions]
camp fire member a member of the Camp Fire, an organization originally for girls and now also open to boys, founded to promote good values and character and develop practical skills.
consul a national government official assigned to live in a foreign city in order to give assistance and protection to his or her nation's citizens who live or travel there, and to promote his or her country's commercial interests. [1/2 definitions]
digest to break down or promote the breaking down of (food) into substances that can be absorbed by body tissues. [2/8 definitions]
dollar diplomacy a U.S. government policy of promoting national interests by encouraging investment abroad, or of using governmental power or influence to protect and promote such private investment. [2 definitions]
elevate to raise or promote to a higher level or status. [1/4 definitions]
encourage to stimulate or promote; advance. [1/4 definitions]
Espionage Act a U.S. law passed by President Woodrow Wilson in 1917, shortly after the U.S. entered World War I. The Espionage Act made it a crime to convey information with the intent to interfere with the operation of the U.S. military or its recruitment of troops, to disclose information relating to national defense, or to promote the success of the country's enemies.
Fabian a person affiliated with the Fabian Society, founded in 1884 in England to promote the gradual spreading of socialism. [1/2 definitions]
forward to help along or advance; promote. [1/13 definitions]
giveaway a giving away, free or at very low cost, or the thing so given, usu. to promote a product or as a premium or prize. [1/2 definitions]
Hanseatic League a medieval association of northern European free towns, formed to promote and protect merchants' interests.
hygiene practices and conditions, such as cleanliness, that tend to promote health and prevent illness. [1/2 definitions]
hype to promote or advertise, esp. by extravagant, exaggerated methods or claims. [2/4 definitions]
irenic tending to promote peace; peaceful; conciliatory.