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bey an Ottoman Empire provincial governor. [1/3 definitions]
Guangzhou a seaport and provincial capital on the southern coast of China; Canton.
interprovincial combined form of provincial.
nabob a provincial governor in the Indian Mogul empire. [1/2 definitions]
one-horse (informal) small and provincial; unimportant; insignificant. [1/2 definitions]
parochial narrow or limited in scope or viewpoint; provincial. [1/2 definitions]
proconsul a provincial administrator of consular rank in the Roman Empire. [1/2 definitions]
provincialism a custom, mannerism, characteristic, or the like that is provincial. [1/2 definitions]
small-town unsophisticated; provincial. [1/2 definitions]
Sydney a seaport and provincial capital in southeastern Australia.
unworldly lacking sophistication; not worldly-wise; provincial. [1/3 definitions]