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bagasse the pulp that remains after juice has been removed from sugar cane or sugar beet. [2 definitions]
berry in botany, a fleshy fruit with a seed or seeds embedded in the pulp, such as the grape, currant, or tomato. [1/5 definitions]
carob a tree of the eastern Mediterranean that bears long flat pods containing a sweet pulp and hard seeds. [1/2 definitions]
cassia a tropical variety of ornamental tree bearing long yellow flowers and pods whose pulp can be used as a laxative. [1/2 definitions]
clingstone having pulp that sticks closely to the stone, as in some peaches. (Cf. freestone.) [1/2 definitions]
custard apple a round fruit with a soft, custardlike pulp that grows on various tropical American shrubs and trees; papaw. [1/2 definitions]
durian an edible oval fruit with a hard prickly rind, soft flavorful pulp, and an odor considered offensive by many. [1/2 definitions]
endodontics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of dentistry that diagnoses and treats diseases of the dental pulp; root canal therapy.
freestone a fruit whose pulp is easily separated from the pit, such as certain peaches. (Cf. clingstone.) [1/3 definitions]
grapefruit a large, juicy citrus fruit having a yellow rind and tart yellow or pink pulp. [1/2 definitions]
guava the fruit of the guava tree or its pulp, used for food. [1/2 definitions]
honey locust a North American tree having long, beanlike pods with sweet pulp, delicate foliage, and thorny branches.
jack-o'-lantern a traditional Halloween lamp made from a pumpkin by removing the pulp, carving a face through the shell, and placing a candle in the bottom.
kraft a strong brownish paper made from wood pulp treated with a sulfate solution, used to make bags or wrapping paper.
kumquat the oblong, orange-colored fruit of such a tree, having a sweet, edible rind and a sharp-tasting pulp. [1/2 definitions]
marc the pulp remaining from grapes, apples, or the like that have been pressed for juice. [2/3 definitions]
masticate to knead or grind to a pulp. [1/2 definitions]
newsprint a low-grade paper made from wood pulp and used mainly in newspapers.
orange a spherical fruit with a reddish yellow rind and a sweet, acidic, edible pulp on the inside. [1/5 definitions]
paperboard a material made of paper pulp or layers of paper compressed into sheets; cardboard; pasteboard.
pasteboard a stiff, thin material made of layers of paper pasted together, or of paper or wood pulp pressed together and solidified with paste; paperboard.