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afford to have enough money to purchase (something); be able to meet (an expense). [1/3 definitions]
arbitrage the purchase of a security or commodity in one financial market and its immediate resale in a different market, used as a way to profit from the difference in market prices. [2/3 definitions]
available able to be had for use or purchase; at hand. [1/2 definitions]
binder a temporary, legally valid agreement to purchase insurance, property, or the like, usu. involving partial payment. [1/4 definitions]
black market the illegal purchase or sale of goods in violation of restrictions such as price controls or rationing, customs laws, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
book club a commercial enterprise that sells or lends books to subscribers, usu. at a discount in exchange for a specified minimum purchase.
buy to obtain in exchange for money; purchase. [1/7 definitions]
close to conclude the details of a real estate purchase. [1/24 definitions]
commodities trade the purchase and sale of raw goods, such as agricultural products or materials derived from natural resources, that have uniform value across an economic market, as opposed to the purchase and sale of services or branded products.
consumption the purchase of goods and services. [1/4 definitions]
earnest2 a partial payment from a buyer to confirm a purchase agreement. [1/2 definitions]
estate agency (chiefly British) a business that manages the purchase, sale, or lease of houses and other property; real estate agency.
fetch to bring in as a purchase price; sell for. [1/5 definitions]
for sale available for purchase.
fountain a counter in a store or restaurant at which one can purchase sodas and other ice cream dishes, and often a limited selection of other light food and drink, for consumption on the premises; soda fountain. [1/5 definitions]
high-pressure attempting to persuade, as to a purchase, by intimidation and persistence. [2/4 definitions]
land contract a real estate contract in which the buyer agrees to make periodic payments to the seller, taking title only when the purchase price has been paid in full.
lottery a game of chance in which contestants purchase or are given tickets and the winner is chosen randomly. [1/2 definitions]
market order an order to purchase or sell, esp. stocks or other financial instruments, at the current market price.
outsource to purchase (goods or services) from an outside supplier instead of producing (the same goods or services) internally.
over-the-counter of drugs or medication, legally available for purchase without a prescription. [1/2 definitions]