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cantankerous irritable, stubborn, and quarrelsome.
contentious inclined to argue; quarrelsome; belligerent. [1/2 definitions]
disagreeable ill-tempered or ill-natured; quarrelsome. [1/2 definitions]
feisty touchy, quarrelsome, or quick-tempered. [1/2 definitions]
fractious inclined to be irritable and quarrelsome; cranky. [1/2 definitions]
pugnacious ready or eager to fight; overly aggressive or quarrelsome.
Punch-and-Judy show a puppet show consisting of slapstick humor in which the grotesque and quarrelsome Punch constantly fights with his wife Judy.
row3 (chiefly British) a loud or quarrelsome dispute. [2 definitions]
scrappy2 (informal) easily incited to fight or argue; combative; quarrelsome. [1/2 definitions]
termagant scolding, nagging, quarrelsome, or abusive; shrewish. [1/2 definitions]