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backstretch the straight portion of a racetrack following the first turn. (Cf. homestretch.)
fast track a racetrack most suitable for speed because of its condition. [1/3 definitions]
grandstand the rows of seats for spectators at a sports stadium, racetrack, or the like; often, a roofed section of the stands. [1/5 definitions]
hippodrome a racetrack for horses or chariots in ancient Greece or Rome. [1/2 definitions]
homestretch the last, straight portion of a racetrack, leading to the finish line. [1/2 definitions]
infield in other sports, the area bounded by a racetrack. [1/2 definitions]
inside track the shorter inside path on a curved racetrack. [1/2 definitions]
raceway a racetrack, as for drag racing or harness racing. [1/2 definitions]
straight a straight element or part, as of a racetrack. [1/20 definitions]
tote board (informal) a large board, visible from the stands of a racetrack, on which the current bets, odds, and payoffs are posted.
turf the racetrack where horse races are run, or the sport or business of horse racing. [1/5 definitions]
winner's circle a small, usu. circular area at a racetrack where the winning horse, its jockey, and its owner receive recognition and awards.