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ambassador a high-ranking official sent by one nation to another either to carry out a specific diplomatic mission or to serve in residence there. [1/3 definitions]
archangel a high-ranking celestial being, esp. in medieval Christian theology, a member of the nine orders of angels. [1/2 definitions]
archbishop a highest ranking bishop who officiates over a church diocese or province.
archdeacon a church official ranking just below a bishop and responsible for the administration of a diocese. [1/2 definitions]
archon a high-ranking magistrate in ancient Athens. [1/2 definitions]
aristocracy a high-ranking social class, having special privileges and influence and usu. determined by heredity. [1/5 definitions]
associate professor a college or university professor ranking above an assistant professor and below a full professor.
baronet a member of the hereditary nobility ranking below a baron and above a knight.
begum a high-ranking Muslim woman, often a widow.
brigadier general a U.S. military officer ranking above a colonel and below a major general.
chargé d'affaires a low-ranking official who is sent, instead of someone of higher rank, on a diplomatic mission. [1/2 definitions]
chevalier a low-ranking French nobleman. [1/3 definitions]
constable in the medieval period, a high-ranking military officer serving a monarch. [1/2 definitions]
consul general the highest ranking consular officer.
courtesan a female prostitute, esp. a mistress or sexual partner of a wealthy or high-ranking man.
doyen the senior or highest-ranking male member of a group.
doyenne the senior or highest-ranking female member of a group.
duke a high-ranking male nobleman, the ruler of a duchy in Europe or ranked just below a prince in Britain, although, in Britain, a prince may also be a duke. [1/2 definitions]
first lieutenant a commissioned officer of the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marines, ranking below a captain and above a second lieutenant.
general of the army the highest ranking officer in the U.S. Army during World War II. (Cf. fleet admiral.)
gentle of a high-ranking family within a society's class system (often used in combination). [1/7 definitions]