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avocation a secondary occupation, usu. one pursued for recreation; hobby.
camp1 to stay for a while in a tent or other temporary outdoor shelter for the purpose of recreation or as part of military operations (sometimes fol. by "out"). [1/8 definitions]
canteen a place of entertainment and recreation for enlisted military personnel. [1/3 definitions]
day room a room for recreation, reading, or writing, as in a military barracks, nursing home, or other institution.
developer someone engaged in buying land and developing it for housing, businesses, recreation, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
family room a large room in which a family usu. gathers for recreation, conversation, relaxation, and the like.
garden (often. pl.) a public park or recreation area, often devoted to the housing and display of plants or animals. [1/6 definitions]
go-cart a small, lightweight, gas-powered, four-wheeled vehicle used for racing or recreation; kart. [1/4 definitions]
in-line skating rollerskating on in-line skates for recreation or to display skilled moves.
kart a small, lightweight, gas-powered, four-wheeled vehicle used for racing or recreation; go-cart.
kayak a similar boat used in recreation and sports. [1/2 definitions]
kiteboarder some who engages in kiteboarding as recreation or sport.
kitesurfer someone who engages in kitesurfing as recreation or sport.
patio a usu. paved and roofless area that adjoins a house and is used for dining or recreation. [1/2 definitions]
pavilion a light, often open-sided building used for shelter or recreation, as in a park. [1/4 definitions]
play to engage in recreation; have fun. [1/22 definitions]
playground any place for recreation. [1/2 definitions]
playroom a room set aside for recreation.
playtime time set aside for play or recreation, esp. for children.
R and R abbreviation of "rest and recreation." [1/2 definitions]
rec the act or process of engaging in a relaxing or agreeable pastime; recreation.