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antireform combined form of reform.
apostle a leader or prominent advocate of a religion or reform movement. [1/3 definitions]
counterreform combined form of reform.
Fabian Society an organization established by English socialists in 1884 whose objective was to spread socialism through gradual reform.
irreclaimable impossible to reclaim, redeem, or reform.
left wing a faction of a political party or other group that advocates liberal reform or radical, revolutionary change, esp. in the social, political, or economic order. (Cf. right wing.)
popular front a political coalition of various leftist and centrist parties struggling against fascism and promoting social reform.
progressive favoring social or political progress or reform; liberal. [2/8 definitions]
reclaim to reform; rehabilitate. [1/6 definitions]
reformable combined form of reform.
reformatory intended to improve or reform. [2 definitions]
reformer a person who works to bring about reform or improvement; reformist. [1/2 definitions]
reformist a person supporting or advocating reform. [2 definitions]
regenerate to cause a spiritual or moral reform in. [1/7 definitions]
speak out to publicly state one's opinion or reveal something previously hidden, usually with the intent of bringing about justice or reform.
Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President of the United States (1901-1909), who had earlier fought in the Spanish American War in a cavalry regiment of his own formation called the Rough Riders. As president, Roosevelt worked to reform big business, show America's power to the world, create the Panama Canal, and to protect much of America's wilderness (b.1858--d.1919).
Young Turk (sometimes l.c.) a usu. young person who aggressively seeks reform within an established organization, esp. an insurgent in a political party.