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flag of convenience the flag belonging to a foreign nation in which a vessel is registered for the financial convenience of the ship's owner.
nurse practitioner a registered nurse with advanced training who specializes in certain medical practices or therapies under the auspices of a doctor.
offshore designating property, investments, or businesses that are based or registered in a foreign country. [1/4 definitions]
practical nurse a nurse who has had some training in nursing and is often licensed by a state to provide basic care for patients, usu. under the supervision of a registered nurse.
R2 abbreviation of "registered trademark" (usu. enclosed in a circle).
reg.2 abbreviation of "registered."
registrant one who is registered.
registration the total number of persons registered. [1/4 definitions]
registration number (chiefly British) the registered set of numbers and letters found on the license plates of a vehicle; license plate number.
RN abbreviation of "registered nurse," a nurse who has completed extensive training and passed a state examination licensing him or her to practice nursing.
trademark a name, symbol, or other distinctive device used to identify a product, and usu. officially registered to restrict its use to the owner or manufacturer. [1/4 definitions]
unpolled of votes, not registered or cast at the polls. [1/2 definitions]
unregistered combined form of registered.