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abide to stay; remain. [1/6 definitions]
be to remain in a state of existence; have reality; exist. [1/10 definitions]
bide to stay or remain. [1/2 definitions]
chapter 11 a provision of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Act that allows a company to reorganize and remain in business, provided it pays its current debts by a date set by a court.
continue to stay on; remain without change. [1/7 definitions]
dwell to be or remain in a given condition. [2/3 definitions]
editor in the film industry, a person whose job is to view raw footage and decide, often in conjunction with the director and others, what shots will remain in the final film, what sequence they will be in, and how long each will be. [1/4 definitions]
elude to escape from or remain outside of the grasp of. [1/2 definitions]
evergreen of trees, shrubs, and the like, having leaves that remain green throughout the year. (Cf. deciduous.) [1/3 definitions]
foul ball in baseball, a batted ball that does not remain within the foul lines.
foul line in bowling and other sports, any of various lines defining the area in which players must remain during play. [1/3 definitions]
go1 to remain incomplete; be left. [1/28 definitions]
hang on (informal) to remain on the telephone line. [2/6 definitions]
hibernate to remain dormant over the winter in a den or burrow so as to conserve energy, as bears and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
hold1 to remain valid. [1/18 definitions]
hold good to remain valid (used esp. in reference to an offer, guarantee, promise, or the like).
hold on to remain on the telephone line. [1/5 definitions]
hold still to keep one's body from moving; remain in a still position. [1/2 definitions]
homeostasis the tendency of a physiological system, esp. of mammals and other higher animals, to remain more or less stable.
inertia in physics, the tendency of a motionless body to remain still or of a body in motion to continue at a constant velocity along a straight line unless subjected to some external force. [1/2 definitions]
inseparable impossible or difficult to divide or to conceive of as separate; tending to remain together.