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airport a large area of level land where airplanes can land and take off, usu. including a passenger terminal and cargo and repair facilities.
amends (used with a sing. or pl. verb) payment or compensation given to repair or satisfy damage, injury, or loss.
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel.
body shop an automobile garage or shop that specializes in the repair and maintenance of car bodies.
bushel2 to repair or alter (clothes).
careen to tilt (a ship) on its side for cleaning and repair of the hull. [2/5 definitions]
carpenter to build or repair wooden objects or structures. [1/3 definitions]
cobble2 to make or repair (shoes or boots). [1/2 definitions]
cooper to make or repair (wooden barrels, tubs, and the like). [1/3 definitions]
destroy to damage beyond repair; ruin. [1/5 definitions]
detour a departure from the direct course, esp. a temporary route established to avoid road blockage or repair. [1/4 definitions]
disrepair the state or condition of needing repair (often prec. by "in").
doctor to fix or repair. [1/6 definitions]
do-it-yourself of, pertaining to, or designed for use by amateurs, esp. in construction or repair work.
fix to mend, repair, or put in a proper state or good order. [1/13 definitions]
fox to make or repair (a shoe) by applying leather or other material to form or re-cover the upper front. [1/7 definitions]
half-sole to repair (shoes or boots) by putting on new half soles.
irremediable impossible to cure, repair, or correct.
irreparable impossible to repair, restore, or rectify.
irretrievable impossible to recover or repair.
loaner a car, television, musical instrument, or the like, lent by a repair shop while the customer's is being repaired. [1/2 definitions]