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change to make a substitution or identical replacement for. [1/18 definitions]
open stock a type of merchandising in which single pieces of goods usu. sold in sets, such as flatware, glassware, or china, are kept in stock to be sold individually as replacement or supplements.
pneumoencephalogram an x-ray of the spaces in the brain that contain fluid, after the replacement of the cerebrospinal fluid by air or gas.
progestin any synthetic progesterone, used esp. in hormonal birth control and menopausal hormone replacement therapy.
prosthesis the replacement of a defective or missing bodily limb or other part with an artificial substitute. [1/2 definitions]
restoration replacement or return of something that has been lost or taken away. [1/5 definitions]
spare a replacement or surplus item that is put aside for future use. [1/14 definitions]
supply1 to fill a position as a substitute or replacement for another. [1/9 definitions]
surrogate acting as, or considered to be, a substitute or replacement. [2/4 definitions]
transplant to surgically remove body tissue or a body organ and reattach it elsewhere on the same body or, esp., as a replacement on another body. [1/5 definitions]