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activation code a set of characters, consisting of numbers, letters, characters, or a combination of these, that is sent by a website to a user's email so that the website can verify the user's email address and comply with the user's request to begin a new service or change personal information. Once received, the user enters the code into the provided box on the website so that fulfillment of the user's request can begin.
adamant unlikely to change in response to any request or argument; firmly decided or fixed; unyielding. [1/3 definitions]
adjure to earnestly request of or appeal to. [1/2 definitions]
announcement a public or formal notice, statement, or request. [1/3 definitions]
appeal a sincere and earnest request or plea, usu. for aid or sympathy. [3/7 definitions]
application a request, usu. written, for admission, employment, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
approach to go before (someone), intending to make a proposal or request. [1/9 definitions]
ask to request an answer to. [5/11 definitions]
bark1 a sharp or brusque retort or request. [1/7 definitions]
bark up the wrong tree to direct one's attention, efforts, request, or accusation to the wrong person or thing.
beg to request humbly or desperately. [1/4 definitions]
behest an urgent request; entreaty. [1/2 definitions]
beseech to request urgently; implore. [3 definitions]
bug (informal) to persistently request. [1/8 definitions]
call to make a request for someone or something to come; summon. [2/22 definitions]
callback a request to a worker to return to work, esp. after a layoff or after normal working hours. [2/3 definitions]
call for to request; summon. [1/3 definitions]
caveat in law, a formal request to suspend proceedings until the filer of the notice has had a hearing. [1/3 definitions]
command performance a performance of a play, opera, concert, or the like that is given in response to a royal request or command.
comply to act in agreement with or obedience to a wish, request, requirement, or rule (often fol. by "with").
demand to request forcefully. [2/9 definitions]