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battering ram any bar, beam, or device used in a similar way, as by police, firefighters, or rescue workers. [1/2 definitions]
breeches buoy a nautical rescue device consisting of a canvas sling with leg holes that is suspended from a life preserver, used to transfer the rescued person up a rope to a ship.
help to rescue or save. [2/13 definitions]
lifeboat a ship's boat designed for rapid rescue of persons, or a similar boat used from shore.
lifeguard a person employed to watch over a swimming area and rescue anyone who might be drowning.
maroon2 to leave (someone) isolated with little prospect of help or rescue. [1/3 definitions]
redemption a release or rescue, as from bondage or sin. [1/5 definitions]
salvage the act of saving property from destruction, esp. the rescue of a ship or its cargo from fire or shipwreck. [2/5 definitions]
save1 to rescue from injury or danger. [1/10 definitions]
saving tending or serving to rescue or protect. [2/8 definitions]
search and rescue an operation undertaken by trained emergency workers to find and rescue persons lost, missing, or injured in a remote or dangerous place.
whaleboat a long narrow rowboat with pointed ends that is esp. maneuverable in rough seas, once used in hunting whales and now used for rescue work.