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ash1 the soft residue that remains after combustion. [1/3 definitions]
blackdamp a suffocating gas composed of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, found as a residue of fires and explosions of combustible gases in mines; chokedamp.
boneblack the carbonized residue of heat-treated bones, used as a blacking pigment or decoloring agent.
buttermilk a sour liquid residue of butter-making, used as a drink or in cooking. [1/2 definitions]
carbon-date to determine the approximate age of (materials containing carbon, such as fossils) according to the residue of carbon 14 that is present.
carry-over that which is carried over or retained; residue; remainder. [1/2 definitions]
coke a residue consisting primarily of carbon that is left after coal has been heated in the absence of air, used as an industrial fuel and reducing agent. [1/2 definitions]
dottle the residue of partially burnt tobacco or ash left in a pipe bowl after smoking.
dregs a solid or murky residue that sinks to the bottom of some beverages, such as wine and coffee. [1/2 definitions]
grappa an Italian brandy distilled from the pulpy residue of grapes that have been pressed to make wine.
greaves (used with a sing. or pl. verb) the remaining residue when animal fat is melted down for tallow or the like; cracklings.
leavings leftovers; remnants; residue.
marc the residue of a plant or other substance from which a drug or essence has been extracted. [1/3 definitions]
no-till farming a method of farming that prepares the soil for planting without plowing or otherwise breaking into and turning over the soil forcefully with machinery. In no-till farming, residue of the previous crop remains on top of the soil, and the soil is cut into only slightly for seeding.
pipe cleaner a short length of wire, twisted to secure small tufts of yarn along its length, that is used to clean tobacco residue from the stems of pipes.
residual remaining behind as a residue; left over. [1/3 definitions]
residuary of or having the nature of a residue or remainder; residual. [2 definitions]
residuum the remainder of something after a part is removed; residue. [2 definitions]
rosin a translucent, yellow-brown, brittle residue of the distillation of turpentine from pine sap, used as a friction-increasing agent, as on the bows of certain stringed instruments, and in manufacturing varnish, inks, and soap. [1/3 definitions]
slag the fused residue of ore from which the metal has been separated by smelting. [1/3 definitions]