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agitato quick and restless or excited in movement or style; agitated (used as a musical direction).
antsy (informal) restless, esp. nervously or impatiently so; fidgety. [1/2 definitions]
discontent a sense of resentment or restless dissatisfaction. [1/4 definitions]
fidget to make small, aimless or restless movements using your hands; fiddle (often fol. by "with"). [2/4 definitions]
itch to have a restless, persistent craving for something or to do something. [2/8 definitions]
itching of, concerning, having, or marked by a restless craving or desire. [1/3 definitions]
jactitation in medicine, a restless tossing of the body or twitching of a muscle. [1/2 definitions]
repine to have a restless yearning for something; pine. [1/2 definitions]
skittish restless, frivolous, or too lively; frisky. [1/3 definitions]
twitchy edgy or nervously restless; jumpy. [1/2 definitions]
uneasy not comfortable physically or mentally; restless; disturbed; insecure. [1/3 definitions]
unquiet emotionally or mentally agitated or disturbed; restless; uneasy. [1/3 definitions]
yeasty in a state of agitation; restless. [1/4 definitions]