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fix (informal) to exact revenge on. [1/13 definitions]
get to take revenge on. [1/17 definitions]
get even to exact revenge; retaliate (often fol. by "with").
marked seen as an object for vengeance or revenge. [1/3 definitions]
pay to get revenge on; punish. [2/16 definitions]
reprisal injury inflicted in retaliation for injury received, as in war; revenge. [1/2 definitions]
retaliate to strike back; take revenge. [2 definitions]
retaliation the act of striking back or taking revenge.
revengeful filled with the desire to retaliate; full of revenge.
tit for tat repayment in kind or in equal amount or degree, sometimes as retaliation or revenge.
vendetta a feud between two families, involving murder and revenge; blood feud. [1/2 definitions]
vengeance injury or damage done to a person in return for injury or damage inflicted by him or her; retribution; revenge. [2 definitions]
vengeful feeling or showing a strong desire for vengeance or revenge; vindictive.
vindictive desirous of revenge; vengeful. [1/2 definitions]
wreak to inflict or carry out (punishment, revenge, destruction, or the like). [1/2 definitions]