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bandeau a ribbon or headband worn to keep the hair in place or away from the face. [1/2 definitions]
beading lacelike looped edging, or openwork lace trimming through which a ribbon can be run, as on a garment or cloth furnishings. [1/4 definitions]
bodkin a blunt, large-eyed needle used to draw ribbon, cord, and the like through hems and casings. [1/3 definitions]
braid to decorate or edge with ribbon or braid. [1/5 definitions]
cockade a rosette or knot of ribbon worn esp. on a hat as a badge of rank, office, or the like.
fob1 a short chain, strap, or ribbon usu. connected to a pocket watch, or a small ornament or medallion attached to the chain, strap, or ribbon. [1/2 definitions]
frontlet an ornamental band, ribbon, or the like worn on the forehead; phylactery; frontal. [1/2 definitions]
grosgrain a ribbon or other thing made from this material. [1/2 definitions]
loop the circular shape made when a piece of string, ribbon, wire, rope, or the like is curved back toward itself. [1/11 definitions]
Milky Way the galaxy that contains the earth, the sun, and the solar system, and that is visible in the night sky as a long ribbon of cloudlike clusters of stars from one horizon to the other.
oak-leaf cluster a small bronze or silver cluster of oak leaves and acorns worn on the ribbon of a medal to signify multiple awardings of the same medal.
peruke a wig such as those worn by men in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, often powdered, arranged in large rolls over the ears, and tied at the nape in a ribbon; periwig.
ribbon a long, narrow, flexible strip that resembles a ribbon, such as a measuring tape or bandsaw blade. [2/8 definitions]
rickrack a flat strip of zigzag braid or ribbon used as trimming on clothing, cloth furnishings, and the like.
rosette any of various objects that resemble a rose by being circular and segmented, such as a badge made of gathered ribbon, an architectural ornament, or one of a leopard's spots.
streamer a long, freely moving length of fabric, esp. ribbon. [1/3 definitions]
sword knot a loop or strap made of ribbon, leather, or the like, attached as decoration to the hilt of a sword and worn around the wrist.
topknot a decorative knot or bow of ribbon worn in the same place. [1/3 definitions]