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agitation the act or process of disturbing or stirring up. [2/3 definitions]
barratry in law, the practice of frequently stirring up groundless lawsuits. [1/2 definitions]
bolt1 to jump or spring up, as with surprise. [1/14 definitions]
breed to bring up or educate; rear. [1/9 definitions]
broach to suggest or mention for the first time; bring up. [1/7 definitions]
catapult to spring up or forward as though hurled by a catapult. [1/5 definitions]
coif to place a coif or a similar covering upon. [1/4 definitions]
cough to eject or bring up by means of coughing (often fol. by "up"). [1/6 definitions]
cough up to bring up (something) from the lungs by coughing. [1/2 definitions]
cud a quantity of food that certain animals such as cows bring up from the first stomach to chew again.
disgorge to bring up from, or as though from, the mouth or throat; vomit; expel. [1/3 definitions]
incur to become liable for or bring upon oneself (usu. some unwanted or harmful consequence).
intrusion the illegal entering upon or taking possession of another's property. [1/2 definitions]
mention to say or to bring up the subject of (something), usually in just a few words or in passing. [1/3 definitions]
nap2 to form or bring up the nap on (leather or cloth). [1/2 definitions]
poker1 someone or something that pokes, esp. a long, pointed metal rod for stirring up a fire.
rake1 a tool consisting of a long handle and a row of tines extending perpendicular to it, used for gathering up debris or cultivating the ground. [1/12 definitions]
regurgitate to cause to surge up or bring up in a surge; vomit. [1/3 definitions]
ring and pin game a game, traditionally played by many American Indian tribes, in which a ring is attached by a string to a stick, or pin, and players attempt to swing the ring up and over the stick.
shirring a drawing up or gathering up of cloth on three or more parallel threads, or a trim made by this method.
stickle to bring up objections. [1/2 definitions]