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coati a small tree-dwelling mammal, related to the raccoon, with a flexible snout and long ringed tail, found in Mexico and Central and South America.
gazelle any of several graceful African and Asian antelopes with ringed, slightly curved horns.
genet any of several carnivorous mammals related to the civet, with yellowish or grayish fur, dark spots, and a long ringed tail. [1/2 definitions]
lesser panda a small reddish brown carnivore related to the raccoon that has a long, bushy, ringed tail and that is native to the Himalayas.
panda a raccoonlike mammal of India that has reddish brown fur and a long, bushy, ringed tail; lesser panda. [1/2 definitions]
pylorus the muscle-ringed opening between the stomach and the duodenum.
sable antelope a large African antelope with long, ringed, backward-curving horns and a dark coat.