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apricot the color of such fruit when ripe. [1/3 definitions]
bell pepper the apple-sized fruit of this plant, usu. red when ripe but often eaten green; sweet pepper. [1/2 definitions]
bittersweet a climbing, woody vine found in North America, bearing orange fruit that splits open when ripe to expose red-coated seeds. [1/5 definitions]
cerise a bright red color, resembling that of ripe cherries.
codling1 a small apple that is not ripe.
fruit fly any of numerous small flies whose larvae feed on ripe fruits and vegetables.
grain in certain systems of weight, the smallest unit, derived from the weight of a ripe grain of wheat and equal to one seven-thousandth of a pound or 64.798 milligrams. [1/11 definitions]
greening any of various types of apple whose skin remains green when the fruit is ripe.
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, the crops themselves or the amount so gathered, or the season in which they are gathered. [3/7 definitions]
jewelweed any of several plants in the balsam family having spurred orange-yellow flowers and seedpods that burst open when ripe.
juice the natural fluid contents of any plant or animal tissue; liquid extracted from a ripe fruit for drinking. [1/3 definitions]
lemon the color of this fruit when ripe. [1/5 definitions]
mature ripe or properly aged, as fruit, wine, or cheese. [1/9 definitions]
medlar the applelike fruit of this tree, hard and bitter when ripe, but edible when in the early stages of decay. [1/2 definitions]
olive oil oil pressed from ripe olives, used esp. in cooking.
orange the color of this fruit when ripe; the color between red and yellow on the spectrum. [1/5 definitions]
overripe too ripe; almost spoiled.
pectin a heavy gelatinous substance that occurs in some ripe fruits and is used in making jellies, jams, and some drugs and cosmetics.
puffball any of a variety of fungi with spherical bodies that burst when ripe to release clouds of spores.
rattlebox a plant related to the pea, bearing seeds that rattle in their pods when ripe.
red pepper one of several varieties of pepper plant bearing green pods that turn red when ripe. [1/2 definitions]