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bikeway a roadway or trail reserved for bicycle riding.
drive a roadway designed for vehicles to travel on. [1/18 definitions]
embankment a mound or bank of earth or stone formed to support a roadway, serve as a protective barrier, or the like.
exit ramp a short roadway that angles or curves off from a major highway, allowing cars to exit the highway without stopping or slowing traffic.
highwayman someone who attacks and robs people along a roadway, esp. in former times.
plaza a section of widened roadway for slow-moving cars such as that around tollbooths or a service area. [1/3 definitions]
ramp a sloping surface connecting two different levels, such as a causeway between two floor levels, or a roadway passing from ground level to an elevated bridge. [2/7 definitions]
safety zone an area in a roadway from which vehicular traffic is excluded for the protection of pedestrians.
speedway a roadway on which one is permitted to drive faster than normal. [1/2 definitions]
superhighway a large, multi-laned, usu. divided roadway designed for cars traveling at high speeds; expressway; freeway; turnpike.
traffic circle a circular roadway or street, in which traffic moves in one direction only, that is situated at a busy intersection to facilitate traffic flow.
traffic island an area, usu. marked or elevated, in a roadway that separates traffic lanes or provides protection for pedestrians, traffic controllers, or the like.
tree lawn a strip of grass and often trees between a sidewalk and a roadway.
underpass a passage or roadway that goes beneath a street, track, overpass, or the like.