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Algonquian a family of North American Indian languages spoken by tribes from Labrador to the Carolinas and from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains. [1/3 definitions]
bighorn a wild sheep found in the Rocky Mountains of North America, the male of which has large, curved horns. (See Rocky Mountain sheep.)
buffalo grass a range grass found on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains.
Chinook (sometimes l.c.) a warm dry wind blowing eastward from the Rocky Mountains. [1/3 definitions]
fjord a long, narrow ocean inlet that passes between high and rocky banks or steep cliffs.
Gibraltar a small peninsula, consisting mainly of a rocky mountain, at the southern tip of Spain. [1/3 definitions]
gorge a narrow space between rocky cliffs, usu. with a stream at the bottom; ravine. [1/6 definitions]
lodgepole pine a Rocky Mountain pine tree, or the wood of this tree, used in construction.
Louisiana Purchase the treaty of 1803 in which the United States purchased from France the territory extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, or the territory itself.
Midwest the north central flatlands of the United States from the Rocky Mountains through Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri; Middle West.
mountain goat see "Rocky Mountain goat."
Mountain Standard Time the standard time used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, seven hours behind Greenwich time.
MST abbreviation of "Mountain Standard Time," the standard time used in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, seven hours behind Greenwich time.
pika any of a family of small mammals related to rabbits that are found in rocky, mountainous regions of western North America and Asia.
rhebok a rare, brownish gray antelope that lives on the rocky hillsides of South Africa.
rock brake any of various related ferns that grow in rocky soil.
rock garden a garden established among rocks or provided with rocks that usu. contains alpine or other plants that grow well in rocky places.
rock-ribbed characterized by rocky ridges or outcroppings. [1/2 definitions]
rock squirrel a gray, black-headed ground squirrel found in the rocky regions of the western United States and Mexico.
samphire a succulent herb that bears small clusters of yellowish flowers, growing mostly on rocky sea coasts. [1/2 definitions]
siren (often cap.) in Greek mythology and The Odyssey, one of a group of sea nymphs who lure sailors to death on rocky coasts by their seductive singing. [1/6 definitions]