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abaca a Philippine plant of the banana family that yields a fiber used in making rope.
backstay a rope that extends from the mast to the stern or side of a vessel to help support the mast.
belay in nautical terminology, to secure (a rope) by winding around a pin or cleat. [4/6 definitions]
bight the loop or slack part of a rope, as opposed to the ends. [2/3 definitions]
block and tackle a rigging of pulley blocks and rope or cables used to provide leverage for hauling or lifting heavy loads.
bobstay a rope or chain from the bowsprit to the cutting edge of a boat's hull.
bola a throwing weapon with heavy balls attached to the ends of a rope, used by South American herdsmen to entangle the legs of cattle and game.
bowline a knot that will not slip or jam, used for making a loop at the end of a rope. [2 definitions]
breeches buoy a nautical rescue device consisting of a canvas sling with leg holes that is suspended from a life preserver, used to transfer the rescued person up a rope to a ship.
bungee jumping a recreational activity in which a person harnessed to the end of a long, anchored, elasticized rope, or bungee, steps off a height, rapidly drops hundreds of feet in the air, then bounces up and back down, repeatedly, while the movement gradually slows to a stop.
cable a thick, strong rope made of fiber or steel. [1/11 definitions]
capstan a vertical drum or post on a ship, rotated to hoist weights, such as an anchor, by winding in rope or cable. [1/2 definitions]
cleat a metal or wooden object with two armlike projections, to which a rope or line may be secured, as in boating. [1/5 definitions]
clothesline a rope, cord, or wire on which clothes, blankets, curtains, and the like are hung to dry or air.
coir the fiber made from coconut husks, used for matting, rope, or the like.
cord a thin, strong rope or twine. [1/8 definitions]
cringle a small ring or loop of metal or rope attached to the edge of a sail, through which to run a line.
crosstie two lengths of rope or chain attached at one end to opposite posts or walls and at the other end to either side of the halter of a horse or other large animal being restrained for grooming, medical attention, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
esparto either of two kinds of long, tough grass, found in Spain and North Africa, used in making paper, rope, shoes, and baskets.
fag end the last or worst part of something, esp. the worn-out or frayed end of a piece of cloth or rope.
fid a tapered wood or metal pin used to separate rope strands before splicing. [1/2 definitions]